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6007 Dial Type Thermometer

Product Code: 6007

Model Number: 6007 / H / HX / P

Description : 6007 Model is suitable for highly precised Temperature measurement and controlling application like Transformer, Motor and Industrial thermal process. Innovative design made self powered instrument so that doesn't required external power source for its operation. Fully sealed liquid in metal expansion served free from Trimming or other periodic adjustments at site. Accurate temperature measurement made even with variation in ambient temperature. Large dial with pointer enabled to read the temperature form longer distance. Also facilitate Maximum reading pointer which can be resettable. Sensing probe and capillary arrangement makes indicator to keep different location from temperature sensing point (up to 25 meters). User application can be managed using micro switches provided with adjustable set points. Temperature Hot spot measurement has been simulated inside the instrument using CT current (in case of WTI). SCADA interface and remote monitor is made easy with hybrid models. Instrument build with Aluminum pressure die cast enclosure with suitable IP rating for outdoor application.


Temperature Measuring Range
: Any range B/W -20ºC & 160ºC (Standard 0 ºC to 150 ºC)

Dial Size
: 115mm, Segment Dial

Dial angular Sweep
: Angle 60º